Rethinking returns

Time for a new eCommerce era

We empower global online retailers to reduce online product returns, shrink the environmental footprint, and guide shoppers to discover and buy products they'll truly love.
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Collaborative industry-wide change

Online returns impact the environment, businesses, and customers — a challenge no single company can resolve on its own. It's time for the industry to collaborate in solving it, and eComID is here to facilitate this transformation.

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Stockholm-based eComID secures €2.75 million funding to revolutionize retail with AI-powered returns reduction platform
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Point of no return
The online returns problem
$3 trillion
in costs of global retail returns last year
100 million
metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions
17 billion
kilograms of returns in landfills
Cost per returned item

The carbon footprint resulting from returns has reached alarming levels. Economically, businesses absorb billions in returns-related costs. According to McKinsey, retailers pay between $21-46 per returned product.


Time for a change

Change is urgent, and we're propelling the shift towards conscious shopping by enabling online retailers worldwide to collaborate on a grand scale.

eComID incentivizes responsible online shopping behavior and promotes a sustainable system for both the industry and the environment.

Our Promise

Promise to retailers

Contact us to receive the code that unlocks this section. eComID was founded with the mission to support retailers, and this promise is a part of this commitment.

Our impact
of shoppers exposed to the eComID solution will reduce their product returns
1 million
shoppers engage with the eComID solution across the globe daily
of shoppers share insights provided by the eComID solution with their friends
The new default

The intent to
retain every item

It's time to rethink the extreme convenience concepts that characterized the early days of online shopping, such as unconditional free returns.

The practice of making informed and conscious purchases, intending to keep every item, must replace ordering with the expectation of calculated returns.

For shoppers

smarter shopping

eComID isn't just for retailers; it's also designed to enhance the shopping experience for customers. By pioneering smart shopping, we guide shoppers to discover products that are tailored to their preferences.

In this new era of eCommerce, it will be easier and quicker than ever before for customers to find products they love and wish to keep, reducing the need for returns.

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Be part of the change

Are you an online retailer ready to redefine the future of eCommerce? Secure your spot in our collaborative community and contribute to reshaping the industry. Together, we're ushering in a new era of sustainable shopping that benefits us all.

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